About Us:-

JT Aphrique was founded in the UK by Joyce Tetteh.  Originally from Accra in Ghana, Joyce Tetteh was inspired whilst on a trip to her homeland after visiting a shop selling African prints.  Joyce’s vision was to create a shop selling African prints with lots of variety to a wider audience, making these products available throughout Europe.  In 2010, JT Aphrique was born to celebrate the heritage, beauty, and diversity of African designs, through African print clothing.

Specialising in high-quality African print fabric, and elegant African-inspired clothing, JT Aphrique’s designs reflect a blend of various fashion trends, and authentic African wear, creating a mixture of traditional and modern design African prints to bring out the culture. 

With a constant demand for outfits that are fresh and new, creativity is key in order to create that perfect piece.  With outfits ranging from everyday wear including tops, skirts, dresses, trousers, jumpsuits, suits, headwraps, sarongs, kimonos, and bikinis, to the more elegant occasion suit and dresswear, JT Aphrique’s tailor-made garments are for everyone. 

JT Aphrique works with high quality African print fabric and produces a wide range of clothing designs. We thrive ourselves on our intricate stitching and detailed embroidery, and use versatile fabric ensuring our products are versatile and can be worn by anyone, made into anything, and worn for any occasion.  From a traditional look, to a more modern look with an African twist, we aim to cater for everyone, children, teens, women, men, couples, families, and bridal parties.

Over the years, we have collaborated with various designers. We have participated in a number of events such as a celebration of “Black Awareness” month and appeared in and hosted fashion shows to promote cultural diversity and inclusivity.  Wherever possible, we also offer work experience opportunities for local apprentices and students in further education.

Ghanaian Fashion:-

Ghanaian fashion is well known for its beautiful vibrant colours and broad and diverse style.  With fashion dating back to precolonial times, this West African country is home to some of the best styles in Africa.

The Ghanaian fashion industry began to take off in the early 2000’s.  The marketing and production of African prints on the catwalk increased awareness, opening it up globally.  Today, African print garments can be found in many wardrobes.

Our Tailor Made Service: –

JT Aphrique gives you the option of using our Tailor-Made service to transform your fabric into the perfect outfit, or simply choosing one of our existing designs.  For a faster option, we also offer a range of African-inspired clothing which is ready-to-wear.

JT Aphrique strongly believe in conducting our business with transparency and we value ethical trade and fair treatment of our workers.  We promote African culture through our products and provide sustainable work for local artisans and small production units in West Africa, some of which rely solely on our income.  We are committed to creating job opportunities for locals within their community to help improve their lifestyle.  As such, we encourage our tailors and suppliers based in Ghana, to choose their own pricing for fabric to encourage fair trading.

Tailor made outfits are our speciality and we take extra special care with your order.

To create your perfect outfit, please follow this three step process:

  1. Choose your design, fabric, and colour
  2. Take your measurements
  3. Email us at jtaphriqueevent@hotmail.co.uk/call us on 01438-211744 to discuss your requirements and place your order.

If you have your own design, fabric, or product code, please call us on 01438-211744 to discuss your order.

Alternatively, you may choose to customise a design or fabric similar to those featured on our website.

Occasion Wear: –

Weddings: –        

We can help you create the perfect outfit for you and your family / guests, whether it is traditional or modern in style.  

We have experience in the following: –                                      

Bride / Groom / Mother and Father of Bride/Groom / Bridesmaids / Ushers / Page Boys / Flower Girls

We also tailor outfits for: –

Birthdays / Anniversaries /Christenings / Baptism / Confirmations / Funerals / Eid / Waleemah / Church Choirs / Sunday Best / Graduations / Proms

Fitting Day Package: –

If you wish to make your fitting day more special with family or friends, we would be happy to personalise a package to suit your requirements.  Please contact us or call us on 01438-211744 for a quote based on your requirements.

Refund Terms and Conditions: –

We have a 100% money back guarantee if we provide the material/fabric.

If you provide your own material/fabric, unfortunately, we can only offer a 5% refund if you are not happy with the finished product.

Please always check your measurements before ordering.  To assist you, here is our measurement guide.

Please also see our size guide to assist you.

If you have any queries, or you are not sure about your measurements, please call us on 01438-211744 and we may be able to arrange a video call to discuss further.  


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African Wax Print

Commonly known as Kitenge and Ankara fabric, this double sided print fabric is vibrant and 100% Cotton cloth which is regularly used to make clothing and accessories in Africa.  The method used to produce this fabric is called batik, an ancient art form originating from Indonesia using a wax resist dyeing technique.


A versatile fabric, Ankara can be combined with plain fabrics to create a multitude of garments.


This method is used mainly on cottons whereby patterned areas of fabric are covered with wax, preventing them from being coloured.  Multicoloured and blended effects are produced by repeating the dying method several times, with the original pattern of wax being removed by boiling, and another design applied before repeating the redyeing process.

Holland Wax Print

A special wax-print fabric with one to two core colours printed within the design which is made with the softest of cotton and good durability. 


Kente, commonly known as Nwentoma, meaning woven cloth in Akan, is made with interwoven strips of silk and cotton fabric.  Kente derives from the word Kenten, meaning basket.  Kente cloth differs in pattern, colour and design with each pattern having their own specific meaning.

Nigerian George Lace

Renowned for its gold embroidery, the lace is adorned with intricately hand sewn beads, sequins, and gold lace.

Nigerian Tulle French Lace

Commonly used in wedding and occasion wear, this intricately sewn lace is embellished with hand sewn beads and sequins.

Polished Cotton

Polished cotton is a woven cotton fabric with a shiny, smooth surface.  The sheen results from a process known as calendaring whereby the fabric is pressed between cylinders during manufacturing, or from the weave itself.  Polished cotton can differ in shine dependent on whether they are treated with a resin or glaze during the process.