AfricanClothingStore holds personal information for the purposes of fulfilling orders and transactions. We therefore hold customer name, postal address, email and phone number details. On the other hand this allows for a smooth checkout process as contact and delivery information are already on hand.

We use personal information which you have agreed to register with us so that we can contact you about news, services and promotions. It should be noted that you have the right to opt out of the mail list at anytime should you so choose. WE DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH THIRD PARTY COMPANIES etc. We do not intend to hold any personal information longer than intended and we offer customers ability to add, amend and/or delete this information altogether anytime.


During your visit on our website we may use “cookies” which are nothing but small text files stored on your Personal Computer (PC). This helps us deliver a better experience as you surf our pages. Browsers allow you to turn them on and off but we generally require them for better experience while you visit.